• Rulof & Mattley with Rossini until 2024

    Rulof & Mattley with Rossini until 2024

    Rulof and Mattley are two makers, two creatives who love getting their hands dirty and creating projects that they then share with thousands of followers on their social channels. From 2023 we be by their side, to support them when their passion becomes action.


    Rulof, has dutch origins. He loves discovering how objects work, he disassembles them, turns them in his hands until he perfectly understands the mechanics and physical principles behind.


    “By now, I think I have disassembled more than 3000 objects among appliances, engines and computers. I remember every single component and when I have to build something I know exactly where to find it.”

    In his projects Rulof always tries to re-use materials, giving them a second life. Upcycling has over time become a true philosophy of life that since 2007 he shares on YouTube with its community that now counts more than 580 thousand enthusiasts.

    Between our wide catalogue, Rulof has chosen the Ultraflex line combined with Streif High Footwear from the R-Generation range. For the winter period we asked him to test one of our best sellers: the R-Stretch Trousers matching the Seattle Bomber Jacket  and we can’t wait to receive his feedbacks!



    Woodworking for Mattley  has always been a passion. Since he was a boy he loved spending his afternoons and summer holidays in the production department of the family business, where furniture, wood structures and all kinds of handicrafts came to life.

    “Then in my free time (at night!) I enjoyed creating websites to understand how this world works, and it is from this that my blog first and then my Youtube channel – where I publish videos from 2014 – came to life.”

    Today Mattley’s channel is one of the largest DIY channels in Italy and the only Italian Youtube channel on digital craftsmanship. What matters to him is that the projects he makes, from the simplest to the most complex, are replicable by anyone.

    For him we immediately thought of our top of the range trousers, Rainold, that thanks to 4-ways stretch technology is extremely comfortable and comfortable. Among the jackets Mattley will test the  Smarty Softshell and the Siberia Softshell Jacket, testing them during the winter in the most extreme conditions.

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