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2021/2022 Rossini collection

Innovation, design, comfort and safety for the workwear does its job of Rossini, workwear manufacturer since 1969.

Rossini was established in 1969, with a small workshop dedicated to the production of workwear. Over the years Rossini has expanded its production, adapting it to the changing demands of workers and to the new techniques, so as to supply accident prevention solutions even for the most extreme working conditions.
Rossini currently dresses thousands of professional workers, with superior quality and hard-wearing fabrics, without ever foregoing comfort and wearability.
For over half a century Rossini has been dressing your work, to make it safe, secure, comfortable and kind on the eye every single day..

Let us show you our corporate video to find out more about us.

enjoy the movie!


Centenary of our founder, Emilio Rossini

Happy birthday Rossini! the movie

Little Big Story about EMILIO ROSSINI