• Certified clothing for operators in poor visibility conditions: how to choose it

    Certified clothing for operators in poor visibility conditions: how to choose it

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    In low-visibility conditions, such as during road works, construction and emergency interventions, there are a number of risks that require adequate protection of workers. Visibility is foundamental in these types of activities, and choosing the right clothing and accessories can make the difference between a safe job and a risky one.

    The fluorescent material from which clothing and PPE of this type are made is meant to make the worker visible during the day, while the reflective bands promote visibility in the dark.

    The colors of the fluorescent materials used are predominantly yellow and orange, both of which are certified for the same level of safety.

    Rossini provides comfort, visibility and protection from head to toe with a range of clothing and additional protective equipment certified to European standards.

    Protection Standards to know

    Hi-Vis Rossini workwear is certified according to the EN ISO 20471:2013+A1:2016 Standard, which specifies requirements for high visibility clothing capable of visually signaling the presence of the user.

    Pittogramma ALTA VISIBILITA

    The number placed next to the pictogram, instead of the X, indicates the class to which it belongs. The table below indicates the minimum areas of fluorescent and retro-reflective material to be used for each class:

    Performance Class 1:

    It provides for the use of high-visibility materials in the minimum quantity necessary to visually distinguish the worker. It is used in scenarios where there are no investment hazards from vehicles at speed visually distinguish the worker. It is used in scenarios where there are no investment hazards from vehicles at speed.

    Performance Class 2:

    It provides for the use of additional amounts of high-visibility materials so that the human form is more effectively defined even in cases of long detection distances.

    Performance Class 3:

    It ensures maximum worker visibility by the placement of background and retro-reflective materials in specific amounts defined by the standard. It is used to protect against high risks for indoor and outdoor work with poor visibility during day and night hours and on roads where vehicles proceed at high speeds.

    It is possible to obtain the highest level of safety, i.e. Class 3, either by using garments designed in Class 3, or through the combination of several garments that have obtained the Combined Certification (e.g., T-Shirt HH234 which is certified in Class 2, thanks to the Combined Certification, obtains Class 3 if it is combined with A00130 or A00117 trousers or A50130 Dungarees).


    Performance guaranteed even after prolonged use:

    To ensure the safety properties of Hi-Vis clothing even after repeated use Rossini tests and certifies the visibility of Hi-Vis clothing after a nnumber of washes well in excess of the five prescribed by ISO EN 20471 Standard.

    Materials used:

    For its Hi-Vis garments Rossini uses only the highest quality materials that provide protection in hot and cold situations and designs them to last over time and maintain their function for a long time.

    Rossini offers a wide selection of Hi-Vis clothing, carefully designed to ensure safety and protection, from lighter garments such as T-shirts to heavier items such as padded jackets, ideal for extreme weather situations:



    A0081708 (1)

    Bermuda Shorts


    Two-Tone Trousers




    Jim reversible Vest


    Norberg Pile


    Softshell Jacket


    Fresnel Parka


    Rainproof outfit


    Beanie hat

    Rossini also offers a line of multi-protection workwear that, in addition to being certified for high visibility, are also certified for welding operations and related techniques, are heat and flame resistant, protect against arc flash hazards, withstand to brief contact with chemicals, are antistatic and suitable for use in ATEX environments:


    Tuta TPS


    TPS Jacket


    TPS Trousers

    Our products comply with the highest safety standards.

    By choosing Rossini, you can have a complete solution for your protection from head to toe.

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