Safety, Sustainability, Respect and Excellence are the four values that guide Rossini in innovating by making high quality workwear and PPE while promoting sustainable development.

This is why the company is committed to investing in social, environmental and corporate governance, embracing the United Nations goals defined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To respect and defend the interests of the communities in which it operates, while ensuring the protection of environmental resources and their preservation for generations to come.

During 2023 alone, more than 800 thousand euros were allocated from an ESG* perspective and further investments are already planned for 2024.

*The acronym ESG, Environmental, Social, Governance identifies three key dimensions that enable the verification, measurement, control and support of corporate sustainability efforts.



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Designed to combine energy efficiency, logistics automation, functional spaces and promote employee well-being. An excellence hub to serve companies, stores and distributors of promotional and accident prevention products in Italy and Europe.

The Rossini headquarters adopts innovative architectural and plant solutions that ensure high energy efficiency. It is equipped with a system of 300 solar panels of 129 kWp capacity, capable of covering 70% of annual energy needs with renewable energy. LED lamps of the latest generation will be installed in all 40,000 m² of the headquarters, so as to decrease CO2 emissions by 109,610kg compared to the previous ones, saving an equivalent of about 11,000 trees.


The efficient warehouse enables to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency and operator’s wellbeing.

An example of innovation in logistics management, fully automated and managed by radio frequency, it is designed to optimize space and facilities, control inventories, and track lots quickly and effectively, improving customer service.

In 2023, work began to introduce a new automated warehouse to support the existing one, which will increase the level of efficiency in handling and at the same time improve the involved operators’wellbeing.


High quality standards are adhered to at all stages, from material selection to the manufacture of products. Rossini workwear do not contain chemicals harmful to health and are made with ethical and responsible productions.

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The first line with recycled materials was introduced in 2020. The Recycled Range represents a commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing dependence on virgin resources.

All Rossini products have environmental labeling that suggests to customers how to properly dispose of packaging.

Processes are optimized to reduce waste from workwear production and packaging. Scraps are valorized through volumetric reduction treatments and transformation into materials that will have a second life.



Forwarders are chosen with care. Rossini products are entrusted to sustainable logistics partners who work to reduce the environmental impact and CO2 emissions from their operations. It is important that they, like us, actively participate in community projects to support the areas in which they operate.

Working together as a team for common goals can make a big difference, as giving back what we take through support and active contribution is an integral part of our corporate culture.



Rossini’s main goal is to dress professionals with clothing and Personal Protective Equipment that can guarantee maximum safety and comfort, without ever forgetting style. This is why great attention is paid to the quality of processes and certification of product and company performance parameters.


The Quality Management System is updated according to the latest edition of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, which establishes the requirements to be met to ensure the quality of products and services provided and the satisfaction of customers and all stakeholders.


The products manufactured and services offered have passed the healthiness, harmlessness, resistance and other parameters tests required by EU Regulation 2016/425 related to products certified as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


In 2023, work began on drafting and adopting the Organization and Management Model in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001. This will enable the strengthening of corporate processes and policies related to business ethics and integrity.


A code of conduct has been introduced to certify the company commitment to act ethically, respecting workers’ rights and environmental protection regulations. All suppliers who collaborate with Rossini in turn sign it, committing themselves to the same goals.



Demonstrating our social commitment through concrete actions that benefit the community is crucial for us.

During 2023, more than 110 thousand euros worth of materials were donated to the Italian Red Cross and the Volunteer First Aid and Public Assistance Association of Vimercate (IT). The donated products have helped to enhance the capacity to assist and support the population in emergency situations and natural disasters. –> Read the article

Rossini supports different local projects and associations related to scientific research such as AIRC, committed to cancer research, with which the company has collaborated for years. These donations reflect a commitment to actively contributing to the wellbeing of communities and the support for meaningful initiatives.



Rossini employees are one of the most important resources for the success of the organization. The company’s growth is due not only to the dedication, quality and innovation of its products, but above all to the attention and support given to its human capital.

Rossini provides employees with the appropriate tools and opportunities to enhance professional and role-specific skills through the implementation of mandatory and professional training aimed at continuous growth.

The company also guarantees fair treatment and merit-based rewards. Support for employees is provided through a structured welfare plan that enables them to take care of themselves and their families. Added to this are a supplementary health fund and bonuses linked to company and personal goals.


In the second half of 2023, the first phase of the re-styling of the Italian Head quarter was launched, an initiative strongly endorsed by the Management to improve wellbeing, encourage collaboration among people and stimulate creativity.

Rich vegetation was included as a symbol of the Company’s commitment to the planet. Natural elements not only enrich the interior space, making it pleasant, but also help improve air quality and promote a general sense of wellbeing.

Rossini’s birth, growth and achievements have been narrated through a visual pathway positioned on the staircase that leads from the ground floor to the offices. By climbing it every day, visitors and employees can thus rediscover the Company’s roots and follow, step after step, its journey to the present day.