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    Rossini was established in 1969, with a small workshop dedicated to the production of workwear.

    In an era when occupational safety was a subject for the few, Emilio Rossini saw a mission that began in the small workshop where he started making workwear.
    Over the years Rossini has expanded its production, adapting it to the changing demands of workers and to the new techniques, so as to supply accident prevention solutions even for the most extreme working conditions.

    Rossini currently dresses thousands of professional workers, with superior quality and hard-wearing fabrics, without ever foregoing comfort and wearability.

    For over half a century Rossini has been dressing your work, to make it safe, secure, comfortable and kind on the eye every single day..

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    For us trust means being an honest partner, a serious and reliable interlocutor to work with, without any worries, able to create good products at the right price.

    Rossini is a solid company, grown at a steady pace with measured investments that have gradually expanded its size and range of action. Today it is a highly structured and technological company making reliability its core value.

    Rossini has over 50 years of experience in the occupational work wear sector, this means having developed a profound knowledge of the product, but also the ability to anticipate and accommodate the needs of its customers.

    Proteggiamo il vostro lavoro da sempre con passione e competenza

    We always protect your work with passion and expertise


    The first production laboratory for nylon raincoats and cotton work wear is launched.


    The laboratory has 160 operating stations and produces 5.000 outfits per day.


    The laboratory is expanded and personal protective equipment is now part of the firm's range of products.


    The automated and electronic management of production and warehouse activities boosts efficiency to a whole new level.


    A new 40.000 sqm production facility is built, with 90 employees dedicated to the sales teams.


    New brand presentation.