• Work rainwear: Here is our selection

    Work rainwear: Here is our selection

    Working outdoors, especially in adverse weather conditions, requires work rainwear to ensure safety, comfort, and protection. Made with high-quality materials, this rainwear combines durability and breathability, providing effective defense against water, cold, and humidity.
    It’s not just about avoiding the discomfort of being wet, but also about preventing health issues from prolonged exposure to the elements, such as colds, sore throats, and other ailments. Wearing appropriate work rainwear is essential for maintaining optimal body temperature, reducing the risk of illness, and enhancing the overall well-being of workers.
    With the right choices, you can ensure effective protection and long-lasting comfort, allowing all workers to operate safely even in the most challenging conditions.

    A boy and a girl wearing professional rain gear

    Waterproof vs. Water-Repellent: Key Differences in Work Rainwear

    These two terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a significant difference when it comes to choosing work rainwear. Water-repellent fabric is treated to resist light rain and water splashes but doesn’t offer long-term protection against moisture.
    On the other hand, waterproof fabrics are made with special layers, waterproof zippers, and sealed seams to prevent any water infiltration. This makes waterproof clothing ideal for extremely humid environments or for heavy, prolonged rain, ensuring maximum protection.
    Depending on your job and exposure to the elements, it’s important to choose rain and moisture-resistant garments carefully.
    Here is our selection:

    Water repellent Work Jacket

    Smarty work jacket is a Category I Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), designed to protect against minimal risks and compliant with EN ISO 13688 standards. Crafted from three-layer Softshell fabric, it offers water resistance up to 6000 mm WP and breathability of 3000 MVP. Complete with a front closure featuring a waterproof zipper and a detachable hood with zipper and drawstring, it ensures comfort and safety in rainy conditions.

    work rainwear softshell smarty red

    6000 mm waterproof rating / 3000 MVP breathability

    Sizes range from S to 5XL

    Women’s version available

    Available in 6 colors

    Waterproof Work Vest

    The Preston work vest is crafted from three-layer Softshell fabric, with a central closure featuring a waterproof zipper and a drawstring at the bottom for a snug fit. It boasts reflective panels on the front and lower back for enhanced visibility. It comes equipped with an internal pocket on the right chest secured with a zipper, along with two lower pockets also featuring waterproof zippers. The armholes are designed with elastic mesh inserts for added comfort. Additionally, a ventilation hole on the back enhances breathability. This vest offers water resistance up to 8000 mm WP and breathability of 2000 MVP.

    work rainwear Preston Softshell Vest green

    8000 mm water resistance / 2000 breathability

    Sizes available from S to 5XL

    Front and lower back reflective profiles

    Available in 6 colors

    Professional Rainproof Trouser

    The Rainold work trousers are crafted from water-repellent, breathable fabric that stretches in four directions, ensuring maximum freedom of movement and comfort even during the most demanding tasks. Ripstop fabric inserts enhance its durability and strength, making it ideal for challenging work environments.

    work rainwear Rainold trouser black

    Quick drying

    Sizes from XS to 4XL

    Four-way stretch fabric

    Ripstop fabric reinforcements

    Waterproof Safety Shoes

    Streif is a waterproof safety shoe featuring a fiberglass toe cap, designed for optimal comfort. The R-Fresh system keeps the foot dry, while the R-Dry inner lining prevents odors and enhances breathability. It comes with a dual-density polyurethane slip-resistant sole for secure traction, and is ESD certified, ensuring it remains antistatic and effectively dissipates static electricity for enhanced safety and comfort.

    Streif Low Footwear black and light blue

    Metal-free fiberglass toe cap


    ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) footwear

    R-Dry inner lining with odor resistance

    Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket

    Hi-Vis Softshell jacket, crafted from high-visibility 3-layer Softshell fabric, is designed for optimal safety and comfort. It includes printed reflective inserts on the sleeves and waist for increased visibility, along with lower pockets secured with plastic zippers. With water resistance up to 8000 mm WP and breathability of 800 MVP, it’s ideal for diverse work environments and challenging weather conditions.

    work rainwear Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket

    8000 mm water resistance / 800 MVP breathability

    Sizes available from S to 4XL

    Double reflective bands printed using transfer method

    3-layer Softshell fabric

    Professional Rainproof Set and Coat

    Depending on the level of protection required, you may need to use either a rain set or a rain coat. Newport and Sloop are specifically designed to be highly portable and compact, offering optimal protection against rain and harsh weather conditions.

    work rainwear Newport Set

    Sizes available from S to 2XL

    Reflective profile applied on the back

    Trousers with elastic waistband

    Sloop Polyester Coat yellow

    Sizes available from S to 2XL

    Closure with snap buttons

    Elastic cuffs

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