• Discover X-GLOVE

    Discover X-GLOVE

    Rossini expands its catalogue by introducing a full range of safety gloves that guarantee maximum protection of the hand or part of the hand from a wide range of hazards such as mechanical, chemical, thermal and low temperatures, radiation, cutting and welding.

    The gloves in the X-Glove line are extremely comfortable and meet the main requirements in terms of sensitivity, flexibility, resistance, lightness and durability.

    In this article we explained how to choose the ideal glove by identifying the task to be performed and the risks to which the worker is exposed. Let’s now cover in detail the X-Glove Range by Rossini Tech.

    The X-GLOVE work gloves by Rossini

    X-DRY – Multipurpose work gloves

    MULTIPURPOSE Activities in predominantly dry environments: 50% of applications.
    Breathable (palm and back), comfortable, high dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

    X-OIL – Waterproof work gloves

    OIL Activities in oily and/or wet environments (cooling lubricants, oils, greases (no solvents): 20% of applications.
    Repellents (palm/back), improved grip, double coated.

    X-CUT – Cut-resistant work gloves

    CUT Activities where there is a risk of cutting (smooth blade): 15% of applications.
    Dedicated coatings: breathable (dry) – single coating (palm) – repellent (wet/oily) – double coated (palm/back) + grip.

    X-GLOVE – Special Purpose Work Gloves

    SPECIAL PURPOSES Protection from cold and/or heat, activities in various environments: 5% of applications.
    For flame, heat, sparks and molten metals.

     X-ICE – Gloves for protection against heat and cold

    ICE Protection from cold and/or heat, activities in various environments: 5% of applications.
    For hot and cold. Repellent (palm/back), improved grip.

     X-MONO – Disposable gloves

    DISPOSABLE Occasional and limited chemical protection, product protection, food contact.
    Practical, thin, durable and high-performance. Dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

     X-SKIN – Leather working gloves

    LEATER Activities in predominantly dry environments: mechanical and thermal protection.
    Traditional, robust and versatile.

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