• Certified clothing for foundry and heavy industry operators: how to choose it

    Certified clothing for foundry and heavy industry operators: how to choose it

    Activities with exposure to heat, such as heavy industry, foundries or welding work, are crucial for many companies, but they also involve a number of risks that require workers’ adequate protection.
    Safety is foundamental and choosing the right clothing and accessories can make the difference between a safe job and a risky one. Rossini guarantees comfort and protection from head to toe thanks to a range of clothing and additional protective devices certified according to European standards.

    Protection Standards to know

    European legislation sets out specific standards for clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) in these areas.

    • Certified EN ISO 11611 workwear: Provides protection during welding operations or similar short duration processes. It is designed to protect against sparks, brief contact with fire and minimizes the risk of electric shock in the event of short accidental contact with tensed wires. Built with fire and high temperature resistant fabrics, it can be equipped with special pockets for tools and other useful accessories for work.
    • Certified EN ISO 11612 workwear: It guarantees resistance and protection of the worker from surrounding flames and intense radiant heat in case of proximity to flames and flame-crossing.
      If there is a high risk, it is always recommended to add clothing designed for the head, hands and front protection

    Required PPE

    • Heat and/or fire resistant gloves certified in accordance with EN 407:2020 and EN 12477 for the protective gloves requirements to be used in manual metal welding, cutting and related processes.
    • Welding and related techniques glasses certified in accordance with EN 169:2002. They protect the eyes from sparks and radiation generated during welding or similar processes.
    • Welding-specific footwear certified in accordance with the general standard for EN ISO 20345:2022 and made of heat-resistant leather, equipped with metatarsal protection and non-slip sole.

    Rossini offers a wide selection of certified clothing and accessories to work in contact with flame and heat, carefully designed to ensure safety and protection for this type of activity:


    Flammatex Overalls


    Flammatex Jacket


    Flammatex Jacket


    Flammatex Trousers


    Flammatex Headgear 

    The FLAMMATEX line by Rossini Tech has been specially designed to meet the specific needs of flame and heat protection and complies with the latest safety standards in the industry. The workwear belonging to this range are made of a 100% flame-retardant cotton fabric, treated with the revolutionary FR PROBAN®, a treatment guaranteed for life that gives exceptional resistance to heat and flame.

    The fabric used is certified for electric arc and therefore ideal for performing live work.

    The fabric is dyed in Indanthrene, a class of dyes of the highest quality able to guarantee maximum performance and resistance to washing. Another advantage offered by the Flammatex range is that the fabric used for the production of garments is OEKO-TEX® certified. This certification guarantees the absence of harmful substances, providing an additional level of tranquillity for workers wearing them.

    Some items are available not only in green, but also in blue.


    Welding Glasses

    Filters for welding and related work processes

    With anti-scratch treatment

    Whith tilting ventilated side protections


    Prometeo S3L SR

    Antistatic and anti-heat

    Anti-slip outsole in dual density polyurethane

    Comfortable thanks to the anatomical insole and anti-shock heel

    GU111 con pittogrammi

    Heat-resistant glove

    Comfortable thanks to the anatomical insole and anti-shock heel

    Fully flocklined inside
    Kevlar® sewns

    Durable and heavy duty

    Leather clothing elements for additional protection:











    Our products comply with the highest safety standards.

    By choosing Rossini, you can have a complete solution for your protection from head to toe.

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