• Choosing the ideal glove

    Choosing the ideal glove

    The hands are most used tool of skilled workers, laboratory technicians, craftsmen and professionals in general. Statistics show that 40% of workplace accidents affect the upper extremities, so it is essential to protect them by using a suitable glove.

    But how do you choose the ideal glove?

    There are different types of work and safety gloves on the market, so it is important to know how to choose them according to the risk and the degree of protection required for the task.

    1) Identify the destination

    It may happen that not all the people working from the same company will need the same type of glove: this will depend on the physical, chemical or thermal risks to which the individual professionals is exposed.

    In order to choose the right work glove, you must first assess the risks to which the worker is exposed and the type of task he/ she has to perform.

    2) Identifying the risk level

    Safety gloves protection levels are defined by European Standards, which identify specific standards according to the risk.

    Standard EN 388: Protection against mechanical risks

    Indicates the level of protection in the event of
    Abrasion (0 to 4)
    Cutting (0 to 5)
    Tearing (0 to 4)
    Puncture (0 to 4)

    Resistance to cut matrix – Index of protection
    Standard EN407: Protection against thermal risks

    Indicates the level of protection against heat and fire.

    A – Flammability resistance (0 to 4)
    B – Contact heat resistance (0 to 4)
    C – Convective heat resistance (0 to 4)
    D – Radiant heat resistance (0 to 4)
    E – Resistance to small splashes of molten metal (0 to 4)
    F – Resistance to large quantities of molten metal (0 to 4)

    Standard ISO 374: Protection against chemical risks

    Specification of requirements and performance of gloves for chemical protection.

    3) Choosing the coating

    The glove coating affects several factors such as ergonomics, breathability, flexibility and degradation. Therefore, it is important to know the characteristics of each material to choose the most suitable one.

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